Calendar for Bute?

Why does Bute need a calendar?  Given that there are less than 6000 permanent residents, do we not know what is going on everywhere?

The short answer to this is a resounding “no”!  So, one of the early requirements identified by the Alliance for Action steering group was a calendar on which all events which were going to happen on the Island will be displayed. IOBT accepted the brief, and so here it is.

What’s the benefit?  If used as intended, the benefits are at least  threefold

  • Every group, club and business can see what the others are doing. This can help avoid scheduling conflicts, and where events support each other, may enable cooperation.
  • Potential visitors to the Island will have a better idea what is going on and when.
  • Finally, when the kids complain that “there is nothing going on on  Bute” you will have an answer for them!

Can I have my stuff on the calendar? Yes! If you would like to participate in this initiative, please email

What does it cost? Nothing but your time.

Is it available in a paper copy?  Yes!  The latest edition is here.  Hard copies from the Discovery Centre, For Bute, The Port Inn, Kingarth Hotel, Ettrick Bay Cafe and many more locations.