What is the Isle of Bute Trust?

The IOBT is a single-tier not-for profit organisation (SCIO) set up under the Office for the Scottish Charity Regulator regulations. See this link for more information. It has the aims to: “Increase the attractiveness of Bute as a place to Live, Work, and visit in order to reverse the decline in the Island’s fortunes”

Why have you set up yet another charity?

IOBT exists to fill a gap in the charitable/not-for-profit space. It will seek to take a more strategic ”overarching” view of the needs of Bute.

Who’s involved – is it a bunch of middle-class arty tree-huggers?

Buy-in from all of the community has been fundamental to setting up the IOBT. That is why we have a retired businesswoman, a project manager, a former soldier, a council employee, a hotelier and the chair of the charity “For Bute” on our team. We need young people to take an interest too!

What will you do for us?

We will identify, prioritise and fund projects which will make a difference to all of the people of Bute.

Isn’t it all about tourism?

Tourism is vital – but it isn’t the be-all and end-all. Our thinking is, that if we make Bute a nicer place to live for the inhabitants, then more visitors will come to the island. More visitors bring more money; more money spent here makes it a nicer place to live. A sort of “cycle of growth”, if you like.

I’ve heard about Alliance for Action – is IOBT involved with that?

You can learn more about SURF and Alliance for Action at this link. SURF will be involved in large-scale regeneration of Bute. IOBT, in coordination with BCC, will make sure that the voice of the community is heard, and that future plans take account of what the community as a whole wants.

What’s in it for me?

Hopefully a Bute where depopulation (a decrease of 10% in the last decade) is reversed, which is more attractive to live in, and where the economy is improved.

How can I help?

Donate. Click here to go our Justgiving page.
Volunteer. Do you have a skill that you think would be useful to us – get in touch!
Suggest. Have you got an idea to help improve our island – tell us about it!
Talk. Tell your friends and relatives about us. Spread the word – Bute is on the rebound!

Aren’t you doing the Bute Community Council’s job for it?

BCC has an observer on our Board. This ensures that we don’t waste time and money by duplicating effort. A way of thinking of it is that IOBT acts as an “unofficial subcontractor” to the BCC.

Are we going to have yet another bunch of bright ideas foisted upon us?

It has been identified (by SURF) that there is no “Plan for Bute”. Our argument is that there needs to be – our island is unique. So a plan is required. If you wish to contribute by suggesting ideas and options, then you will have helped shape the plan. If you don’t, then you will not! “It is always better to be an actor, than a critic”

How do I find out more?

Contact IOBT via info@IsleofButeTrust.org.uk or call Alisdair Johnston on 07815541992.