Victorian Toilets Upgrade


The world-famous Victorian Toilets


Two desperate sailors…!

Issue.The average number of boat users visiting Rothesay over the years 2013-2015 was 6000,  The current toilets are unavailable outside normal hours ; specifically there are no accessible shower facilities. This detracts from the town’s offer, and is a deterrent to and reduces footfall from yacht users who would otherwise have visited.  A better quality offer is a vital part of the process of attracting greater numbers. This project seeks to make improvements to the existing toilets, allowing them to be accessed on a 24/7 basis.




Proposed Improvements: 

  • Internal building works within existing facility to create separate secure access to ladies’ and gents’ WC and shower facilities.
  • Access 24/7 arranged by fitting a (daily changed) push-code lock to the doors.
  • Simples!

Project Status (as at 29 Apr 16):  Work to give push keypad access to 5 showers (3 male and 2 female) has been completed.

Showers open from Fri 29 at 1600.

Further work to make the current disabled toilet accessible by key pad is in hand.    Meantime, WCs are available in the pier building.

A contract has been let to automate the lights (motion sensors).